Testimonial - Dignitaries
Programmes like yours can accomplish wonderful things. I am grateful for your caring commitment to improving the lives of children.
I have known Mr Bharij, Chairman since 1985 and have supported the work of AGMS from the very inception and have attended some of their functions. Mr Bharij is a remarkable man of great vision and he has the energy and capability to turn vision into reality. I would like to wish him, the AGMS organisation and its volunteers all the best for their continued success in their work for the future
AGMS project report will certainly serve as a useful benchmark for future reference.
AGMS is about connecting with people. It is not thinking about what you can’t do, but about getting up and doing what you can do. AGMS is doing some fantastic work.
We are sure that many schools will find this project report to be a useful resource in teaching citizenship.
Agam Gosai Manav Seva as an organisation are doing wonderful things for the good of mankind
The involvement of Agam Gosai Manav Seva in Ealing Hospital is truly pioneering work.
I want to pay tribute to the marvelous work which AGMS has done in Britain through its health awareness schemes and in the international community, through its humanitarian programmes and efforts to promote peace. Society has been greatly enriched by AGMS activities